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Welcome to Brilliant Publishing LLC, an established leader in specifically targeted niche publications, specializing in communications through print, digital media and value added business services. In general, our magazines serve as platforms to create communities through the integration of publishing, social media via magazine specific Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ sites, special events and both national and international community outreach in print, in person at various trade shows and across the Internet.

Our Publications:

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Brilliant Results™ Magazine

Named after its editorial mission, Brilliant Results™ is focused on providing leading executives with powerful, results-oriented, cutting edge marketing, branding, sales and motivation/recognition ideas. We give our readers the tools they need to build the relationships, find the resources and get the results that a successful marketing, branding, or employee recognition campaign requires.

Brilliant Results™ covers movers and shakers from the CMO of NASDAQ, to Super Bowl champions, to Orange County Choppers. In its 11th year, Brilliant Results™ is a well-respected leader in its field that has transitioned successfully from print to digital publication.  Brilliant Results™ is not and has never been your standard advertorial trade publication.


The Homeschool Handbook™ Magazine

The Homeschool Handbook™ Magazine, as it enters its 5th year of publication, continues its commitment to being a valuable resource informing, encouraging and enlightening our worldwide audience of home educators.

The Homeschool Handbook Magazine™ is a professionally written, contemporary, easy-to-read print and digital magazine that supports the homeschooling curriculum and lifestyle. Mailed to libraries and home schooling families across the country, as well as distributed internationally, this positive homeschooling magazine continues to receive amazing response.  The Homeschool Handbook™ also appears as a digital magazine viewed online by over 60,000 readers.


Digital Homeschool™Magazine

The newest member of the family continues our focus on the four key tenets that make the information journey fruitful: Content, Audience, User Experience and Results. Because our audience of educators around the globe doesn’t want to be “blasted” with solicitous email, we focus on delivering the right User Experience: top quality content not scattershot noise.

Based on research, we found that once a child reaches the Junior High and High School education level, the challenges are new and demanding, particularly for home educators. That is the reason for Digital Homeschool™ Magazine – to help parents successfully meet those challenges. This market also offers our advertisers a higher student retention rate for their MOOCs because their courses become an integral part of the student’s education. Digital Homeschool™ is a quarterly e-zine delivered directly to qualified opt-in email addresses: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  Additionally all issues will be hosted online.


Overwhelmed by marketplace “noise”, today’s business decision makers are in greater demand of relevant content delivered on their terms. For brand building and marketing success, content is the most important aspect of any marketing program to generate results.

Our team of seasoned professional provide:

  • Custom content creation
  • Performance marketing solutions
  • Complete, dedicated management for the life of the program

Harnessing the power of our seasoned Custom Marketing Services Team who understands what content an audience wants and how they want to receive it. Coupling that knowledge with our ability to manage the work flow and fulfill a program, ensures delivery of qualified leads and brand building that help you achieve your marketing goals.

Brilliant Publishing, LLC provides powerful programs that offer the opportunity to engage your prospects early in the decision making cycle, and stay connected to them throughout the process, dramatically reducing your acquisition and conversion costs.


Build Brand YOU

Let us help you strengthen your customer relationships, save money and grow your business.

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