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Brilliant Results™ Magazine is recognized for high quality editorial coverage that has earned the respect of its readers. Each issue has a timely cover story and columns written by experts in their field to help Brilliant Results™ Magazine’s informed readership create winning strategic campaigns.

Brilliant Results™ Magazine provides insightful information on developing outstanding marketing, branding, customer retention and motivational programs using promotional and incentive products that create lasting positive impressions.

Brilliant Results™ Magazine is a respected resource for decision makers seeking information about promotional and incentive products. Brilliant Results™ puts your ad in front of the people who make buying decisions. With its digital format Brilliant Results™ has extended its reach and is now not only being emailed to thousands of readers, it is also being recommended by top distributors as a valuable resource. Research indicates that top marketing and sales executives turn to the Internet and digital media for information. With the digital distribution, Brilliant Results™ offers its advertisers an unprecedented opportunity to brand their products to those who make buying decisions.

We DO NOT propose “Going Direct” what we DO propose is that you ‘Build YOUR Brand by making end users aware of all the products available to them.’

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